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Renewing centuries-old traditions, Jardins D’EDEN offers 100% natural body, bath and face treats handcrafted in London for discerning urban dwellers. Our products are 100% free from chemicals, 100% natural in constituents, and totally modern and sophisticated in appeal for a healthier, natural and more sustainable lifestyle.

We are dedicated to creating luxurious natural skin products that transform basic daily routines into pleasurable,
deeply enriching heavenly rituals- for both women and men.
Abundant with Nature’s goodness and providing an intensive boost of vitamins, nutrients and natural anti-oxidants, our aromatherapy creations are developed with a clear objective in mind: to draw on the regenerative and anti-ageing qualities of plant essences and botanic ingredients.
Modern life exposes us to many toxins. Jardins D’EDEN is a call to return to Nature created in the most modern context of urbanism, drawing inspiration from 21st-century urban aesthetics and our family’s traditional artisanskills.
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