HEAVENLY we are dedicated to creating luxurious natural skin treats that transform basic daily routines into pleasurable, deeply enriching heavenly rituals – for both women and men. We craft aromatherapy creations that blend pure essential oils, to balance, treat, rejoice and revitalize mind, body and soul. Essential oils communicate the energy and healing power of plants to us through our sense of smell and through our skin, working to balance and boost our body’s natural health and wellbeing. We select only the finest essential oils, each carefully chosen for its purity, potency and therapeutic qualities.

TREATS Abundant with Nature’s goodness and providing an intensive boost of vitamins, nutrients and natural anti-oxidants, our aromatherapy creations are developed with a clear objective in mind: to draw on the regenerative and anti-ageing qualities of plant essences and botanic ingredients. We handcraft each and every product with great care. We passionately attend to the design of all our formulations taking into consideration your individual skin and mood requirements.

URBAN DWELLER Modern life exposes us to many toxins. Jardins D’EDEN is a call to return to Nature created in the most modern context of urbanism, drawing inspiration from 21st-century urban aesthetics and our family’s traditional artisan skills.

Living in London is a key inspiration for Jardins D’EDEN. We travel around the city absorbing the breathtaking array of historic and contemporary buildings and urban spaces, an inspiring contrast to the beautiful golden beaches and stunning mountains that surround our Mediterranean childhood home.

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