Our Heritage

Hailing from a city with over 6 centuries of natural hand-made soap tradition and a natural body soap business that dates back to 1967,  we three sisters were blessed to share in the family ritual of extracting our own orange blossom water and rosewater, and making our own olive oil soap. This local tradition of our city of origin, Tripoli, dates back to the 14th century.

As a highly acclaimed “Maître Savonnier” and founder of the traditional all natural soap business, our late father, produced natural body soap products using nature’s most powerful yet soothing ingredients. His business was called Nazer Soap. 50 years on,  the torch is now passed to our own hands to keep the flame of our tradition and  our father’s dream alive. We are Jardin D’ Eden, the all natural body and skin product company that knows what “Master Soap Making” is all about.. Wether you are looking to detox, indulge, or unwind your body, we deliver the right answer to your body’s pressing needs!


100% Natural Soap

We are dedicated to creating luxurious natural skin products that transform basic daily routines into pleasurable, deeply enriching heavenly rituals. All our soaps are 100% natural products. We use natural ingredients and a 100% natural process. Even our press process is a cold process that preserves all the natural nutrients so your skin will benefit from the natural act of bathing and cleaning you already do.

Our modern urban dweller  lifestyle exposes us to many toxins. Jardins D’EDEN is a call to return to nature, in the most modern context of urban-ism; drawing inspirations from 21st-century urban aesthetics and our family’s traditional artisan skills.


girl-757396_1280Time to relax with natural products

We think that the bath should be a sanctuary for yourself. Give yourself 20 minutes a day and relax, enjoy and give your skin the treatment you deserve.

14th century tradition

for the 21st century

Urban Dweller.

luxury natural body and bath products

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